Guide to virtual home staging

Selling your home is something that’s always been considered the hardest part of the moving process. There’s always the question of whether or not you’ll manage to sell your home, for what price and in what time-frame. Today, we still have all of these worries. However, they’re somewhat dampened by some neat tricks that can help significantly speed up the whole process. Virtual home staging is surely one of them. Going out of your way to make your home is as likable and presentable as possible used to be so dull and time-consuming. Luckily, this is a thing of the past.

What is virtual home staging?

In simple words, if you already know what home staging is, you’re likely to know how adding the word ‘virtual’ will contribute. Virtual house staging isn’t something that’s incredibly complicated, although it might sound like it. It’s practically staging your home with the help of a graphic editor. People who use virtual staging the most are surely graphic designers, photographers, and real estate agents. There are many reliable sources where you can get information on it. Doing all of this, of course, helps you sell your home more efficiently.

Virtual Home Staging during the Coronavirus

Virtual home staging is staging your home using a graphics editor for a more quick and efficient approach.

Can I do it myself?

Now, this is sort of a tough question. But it’s also one of the most asked ones when it comes to this field. The answer hugely depends on your skills and competence when it comes to computer work. Whether you’re someone that’s only ever used the Microsoft Office package or someone who has their fair share of programs under their belt is really going to make a difference here.

If you decide that you’re confident enough to dig in and virtually stage your home, go for it. There are many great tutorials, all you need to do is look for them. Another thing that you could try is seeking advice from the movers you’ve chosen. Just make sure to find a reliable company like, as there are some fraudulent businesses out there.  

Virtual Home staging in Clarksville TN

Learning to design your home virtually from scratch isn’t so easy if you’re not very skilled with the computer.

Does it pay off to learn how to do it from scratch?

We can answer the question of if virtual house designing really is worth the trouble, again, in more than one way. This is because we all have different perceptions of how much effort this really entails. If your skills are such that you can manage to learn it in a couple of days, without too much trouble, then, presumably, it’s worth it for you. However, if this is something that’ll take up too much of your time and energy, maybe it’s smarter to leave it to the pros.

Can it be too stressful?

Another thing that you should consider when trying to stage your home virtually is how it will affect your life. If you need to focus too much of your attention on it and are someone that gets stressed out easily, skip it. One thing that a stress-free relocation anywhere in Tennessee cannot handle is additional, somewhat unnecessary tension.

Hire someone to do it for you

Hiring realtors to do the virtual staging of your home is a really smart idea. These are the people that have already gone through the process and know what works. Even if you manage to become a master in virtual staging, you’ll still be really far away from their level of experience.

There’s also one more important thing you should keep in mind. Besides the fact that real estate agents have some tips and tricks up their sleeves, they also have a lot of connections within the real estate industry. This means that they’ll have access to other homes for sale which ensures a constant insight into the market flow.

What’s the price of it?

Home staging has a lot of upsides. However, it has a flaw that’s not as neglectable as we’d like it to be. Yes, we’re talking about the price point of it. It’s not quite cheap. This all, of course, depends on who is doing it. Nonetheless, as with pretty much anything else, the more you pay, the better service you will get.

Luckily, virtual home staging has begun its rise in the real estate industry. Although not exactly free, doing your home staging virtually saves you a significant amount of money. This is because there aren’t any additional costs such as buying or renting real furniture. This has made selling as well as buying a property a much easier job.

Guide to virtual home staging.

A price point of traditional home staging used to be a lot higher. Fortunately, this has changed.

Some tips from an interior point of view

There are a lot of things you could do to make your virtually staged home stand out. One of the best ways to achieve this is to read up on it. The bigger the volume of the information you possess, the better chances you’ll have of designing your home in the best way possible. This will result in far superior sales when it comes to prices, as well as how quickly you’ll sell your home.

  • Brighten up your walls
  • Choose furniture that doesn’t overpower nor shrink your space
  • Go for a homey, but still modern vibe (don’t forget curtains and rugs)
  • Try to be as universal and impersonal as possible; you’re doing this to sell your home, not express your own taste
  • Don’t neglect your yard if you have one
  • Make sure that all rooms come together into one sensible tone

Use your newly acquired skills for something else

If you’ve become skillful in some part of virtual home staging, be it the virtual or the interior design part, that’s great. Make sure not to let this talent go to waste. You could always use it to help your friends or family. However, you could also build on it and make a cost-effective hobby of it. 

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